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'Kino Kabaret International de Montréal'

Production and set design by Caroline Swift


'I am Here, You are Here, We are Here Together'

Collaboration with Choreographer Emma Lee Iversen


Newly developed and co-created with a dance and contemporary choreographer, the idea was to create tools deconstructed; rendered useless.


Performances then happen with a human experience happening with, on, through the installations. It is a combination of post-neo capitalism and human experience relating back to concepts of care and compression. A role reversal of the binary of human as a utility  tool and the tool being the primary agent of complex work.


by Caroline Swift 


'She' is an experimental project in which an abstract sculpture was created, representing a nude woman and placing her in city scapes. She is of considerable size; 8 feet tall, and has a tactile presence.


The colors in the photograph have been adjusted to create an impression of surrealism to complement the abstract figure in her 'natural habitat'. The scenic positioning is designed to question what is real in these photographs.

'Louis et Léni'

par Caroline Swift

Festival Montréal en Lumière 2014

Louis, French airplane mechanic and prisoner of war in Germany (1939) met the daughter of his host family, Léni, and fell in love. Léni was in love with a violinist but chose Louis regardless. Legend says the latter never married, instead writing love letters to her for years to come.

Louis and Léni worked with Léni's parents in an underground chain to house and help prisonners of war escape Nazi Germany. This graphic novel illustrates their unconventional trajectory and is set up on large foamcore boards, with a replica of their apartment they lived in for 65 years in France, post 1945.


par Caroline Swift

Festival Montréal en Lumière 2013

Léger is comprised of approximately fifty mixed media paintings on Korean rice paper of varying sizes hung from the ceiling. Each painting is unique in its abstraction. The goal was to create paintings that did not resemble one another and had their own system happening.


An emphasis was placed on circular and abstract shapes, to keep the eye roving within each painting and to guide the eye from one page to the next. The colors were specifically light and pleasing, naturally; the research was that of the Spectrum of happiness and lightness of being in contemporary abstract art.


The installation was designed to allow the viewer to walk through these paintings and therefore immerse themselves in color and lightness. Due to the abstract nature of the images, they served as starting points for a conversation completely blossoming from the participant's own choosing based on what they felt and saw.



Article by Drink and Draw Montreal

February 26th, 2013

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