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About me:

With a degree in Film animation and painting, I embarked on teaching English in South Korea for a few years. However random while there I was introduced to different painting techniques, met a small theater group and quickly started set painting for them.
Upon my return to Montréal, Canada, I landed my first gig on a film set. In the last five years I have been working steadily to build a portfolio in multimedia art direction design, becoming a production designer for independent films, an installation artist collaborating with performers and have been experimenting with varying painting techniques.
The constant thread in my projects is my ability to attention to detail and visually describe the human point of view. My sets are rife with details meant to enrich the character design in films; my installations are detailed objects reflecting a form of human thought and human support and my paintings are oriented to the human experience of abstract thinking through specific use of composition and material. I am interested in the framing of a work of art and what can be done within that frame whether it be through a lens, on a canvas or in a room. Site specific projects also pose a challenge for me which I rise to with energy and a desire to succeed.

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